Webinar: Integrating SAP to OneStream

    All the world's a stage

    OneStream provides great flexibility when integrating data from heterogeneous source systems. There is not a single road to the source data and thanks to its powerful Stage engine, OneStream can be integrated with any system using multiple methods depending on the different data extraction options available.

    In this webinar, Francisco Amores Torres explores different integration approaches such as APIs and Web Services. Focusing on the integration of SAP, we show how integration can be set up “as you like it”.

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    About the speaker

    francisco-amores-torresFrancisco Amores Torres is the Master Data & Integration lead at inlumi. He brings over 10 years’ experience as an EPM Integration Specialist with a total of over 12 years in consulting services. Prior to inlumi, Francisco’s responsibilities included EPM Integration Architect consulting, leading and implementing integration projects, facilitating project quality assurance, and delivering training for EPM integration tools for companies such as Oracle, ING Insurance, Pirelli and Sanofi Aventis.

    A primary responsibility that Francisco has held throughout his EPM career is to serve as the key person between technical and functional teams in order to ensure all integration requirements are met. Francisco holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Malaga and University of Bedfordshire as well as a degree in Project Management from the University of Malaga.

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