Webinar: The future of (digital) finance

    Digital technology is transforming the way we do finance.

    Digital technology is transforming our lives, and is also having a huge impact on workplaces and the way successful companies operate their business. Companies that hardly existed ten years ago are among the most valued and admired today, and traditional businesses use digital technology to transform how they serve their customers and improve performance to stay competitive.

    But what about finance? Are the finance professionals still stuck in spreadsheet hell, not getting priority to make necessary investments in technology for supporting the business with reliable and forward looking information, or will technology finally transform finance to become true business partners, enabling decisions?

    This webinar highlights how the digital transformation impacts finance, and how finance can adopt new technologies to be aligned with business changes: Cloud, End2End Integrated, Predictive, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the impact it has on finance as a function and its professionals.

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