Extending your Financial Planning process with a modern Planning and Reporting Solution

    A comprehensive financial planning solution is vital to ensure that businesses can deal with growing stakeholder demands, and ever-increasing budgeting and forecasting challenges. Oracle's Financial Planning and Reporting solution gathers data in one place, provides clear transparency, and streamlines your planning process.

    Does your organisation run the entire planning process in Excel? Is this process time-consuming and difficult to maintain?

    • We enable your organisation to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.
    • We can model changes with drag and drop in minutes, that normally take weeks in spreadsheets.

    Watch this on-demand 45-minute webinar where we will illustrate how Oracle Planning & Reporting Cloud can speed up your planning process, with accuracy and management trust. Submit the form to get access to the webinar. 


    Anton Harrison

    Anton Harrison
    Oracle Solution Strategy Leader


    Inge Andre KristiansenInge Andre Kristiansen
    Principal Consultant at inlumi

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