Webinar: Experiences from ongoing IFRS 16 implementation processes

    Get ready for the new lease accounting standard

    2019 has arrived and many organisations find that ensuring compliance for IFRS 16 is often more challenging and time-consuming than expected. With the right solutions, you can ensure that your organisation meets the standards while maintaining the high quality of your data. 

    Together with CCH Tagetik, we have created this webinar in which we share practical experiences with implementing IFRS 16 solutions.

    Watch this informative presentation to get a better understanding of what you need to do to get compliant for IFRS 16. 

    The webinar includes: 

    • IFRS 16 – Overview of the standard and its requirements
    • Insights from IFRS 16 projects and what we have learned so far
    • Demo – Lease Accounting solution
    • Keys to a successful Implementation process

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